“Penny was amazing. I could barely walk when I went to her shop and she completely healed my back injury. I highly recommend Penny as a healer and will recommend her to all of my family and friends”

David Caramanidis

“I am a Psychic coach and energy healer and I happened to come across Penny’s shop while on vacation. Something drew me to it and when I went upstairs there was a very clear energy full of warmth and healing. I was only planning to browse some oracle decks and ended up getting a sound bath in her copper crystal pyramid room and buying a quantum pendant. It was clear to me that Penny is very gifted and has really put her own twist on her healing magic… I wouldn’t just say this about anyone and it is pretty difficult to find authentic healers in this day and age. I was having a difficult time on this trip and when I walked out of her center, I was completely re-balanced and back to myself. Cannot wait to return on my next trip back”


“Penny is an extraordinarily amazing, true and genuine Healer and a pure and powerful conduit of Divine Love and Energy! I am a Reconnection Certified Practitioner (Energy healer since 2006) and have been living & practicing Energy healing here in Sedona since 1991. I have received numerous energy healing sessions through out the many years of my life, from many different energy healers and many different modalities (i.e. Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Quantum Touch, Quantum Healing, Reconnective Healing, Healing Touch, Brennan healing Science, Cranio-Sacral, EFT, Jin Shin Jitsu, Shamanic Reiki, IET, etc.) The healing session I recently had with Penny far surpassed any of the previous sessions. It was, without a doubt, THE most powerful and most profound connection with Divine energy & Love that I have experienced in very, very long time. If you wish to receive the most powerful healing connection with the Divine, you must go see Penny!”

JP Lomeo

“HeartLight is a must stop in Sedona. It is absolutely beautiful and the energy is very peaceful & radiant. From crystals, tarot decks, to the many services offered, you will find something that calls you! My friend and I did the sound healing in the crystal copper pyramid led by Jess who was absolutely amazing!! A very magical experience to say the least, I feel lighter and calm afterwards. Definitely recommend stopping by HeartLight!!”

Mykelti Star

“Thank you Penny for the most wonderful experience. Thank you. I feel incredibly amazing like you were able to help me rip out and over come my sorrows. You were correct about what I really needed this last Sunday. Just powerful and awesome ❤️Love”

Kim Grimes

“I stopped by this little shop while I was in Sedona and was so impressed with the clear energy in there. I had an aura reading which was delightful and got couple of very cute necklaces at a very reasonable price!”

Ionna Carr

Had an aura and chakra reading that was spot on! Also did the sound healing inside the copper pyramid with Jess who was amazing!! 10/10 would recommend everyone to stop by. Healing and calming vibes in the whole shop.

Jayme Clegg