Quantum Crystal Sound Healing Copper Pyramid Portal

Sound healing returns your chakras, energy field, and nervous system to a balanced state through harmonic resonance. The frequency of the crystal bowls and other sound instruments corresponds to the natural frequency of our chakras, aura, nervous system, and cells, creating alignment! This is amplified by the Quantum Crystal Copper Pyramid and Quantum Amethyst Bed you are lying in and on!

Copper pyramids raise frequency and vibration by amplifying positive energy and blocking negative/harmful energies. They are potent tools for mind, body, and spirit healing and soul activation, supporting enhanced spiritual connection, deep healing, and meditative states.
Our UNIQUE, handmade, quantum crystal HEARTLIGHT pyramid is a Giza, which connects to the Heart Chakra, the master healer of all imbalances & the link to our soul's unlimited potential! The pyramid is wrapped with hundreds of quantum roses and clear quartz crystals, creating a "divine quantum portal"  that continuously live streams unconditional love & light for profound healing & activation! Specific Angelic frequencies have also been added to anchor, support, and ground heart-centered healing.

In addition, the beds are all HeartLight Quantum Amethyst Crystal for deep inner peace and access to higher consciousness simultaneously. 3 Sessions in 1!  Our customized, multiple-modality sound sessions provide a transcendent & transformative experience!

**New addition- We start your session by playing our handmade Tibetan Foot Bowl while you stand inside it, inside the! **

Sound Healing Prices:

30 Minutes ~ $75
45 Minutes ~ $111 (includes hands-on energy healing)
1-2 people, Price/person

Please call to schedule (928) 451-5512