Benefits of Quantum Energy Healing at Sedona HeartLight

Energy Healing for You!

Our HEARTLIGHT healing sessions blend the best of Reiki, Quantum Touch, Channeling, Reconnective, & Angelic healing modalities. Each session is personalized to meet your needs and intentions. We are open channels, bringing through whatever healing, clearing, and activation frequencies your soul calls forth. Many benefits include enhanced feelings of joy, love, clarity, and peace, as well as increased intuition, spirituality, and divine connection. It encompasses techniques such as chakra, aura, meridian, and electromagnetic balancing, contributing to improved physical function, chronic pain management, and stress relief. Moreover, energy healing facilitates connection with guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed while addressing past life experiences, cellular memory, and trauma healing. Additionally, it involves 12-strand DNA repair and activation, further enhancing its holistic approach to well-being.

What to Expect from our Healing Session:


When embarking on an energy healing session, we first delve into your intentions, setting the stage for our work together. Throughout the session, you'll recline comfortably clothed on a massage table, accompanied by soothing music to enhance relaxation. The practitioner will then delicately place their hands on and above your body, harmonizing with your chakras, aura, meridians, and light body. Utilizing various healing techniques such as divine love, light, life force energy, and personalized messages, we channel what is most beneficial for your needs. Guided imagery, breathwork, and sound may also complement the process. After the session, many experience profound relaxation and tranquility, occasionally tapping into spiritual realms. While emotions or past traumas can surface for release briefly, this typically occurs in a gentle and supportive manner.
It would help to give yourself whatever you need for the next day or two, most commonly sleep. If you get tired afterward or the next day, you feel a lag because your physical and energetic body is catching up to the increased light and energy in your body while denser energies are leaving. If you came for physical healing, the body may need time to recover because you are healing inside, which requires rest. This usually lasts up to 24 to 48 hours. After that, you will most likely feel fantastic!

Pricing: Per Person- Up to Two

45 Minutes ~ $111 -1 Hour ~ $144

Contact: (928) 451-5512